About Evolve Studios

Evolve Studios is Christchurch’s leading destination for on demand studio hire. Situated on the city fringe in a gorgeous period building are five studios in varying sizes. Each studio has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate experience and feature lush foliage, beautiful aesthetics and the energy of exciting evolution.

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If you’re looking for a private place to practice your craft, or a large space to teach a class, Evolves Studios offers the freedom of your own studio, with the flexibility of on demand studio hire.




Light, bright and airy and with all the amenities you need to work collaboratively or in solitude, our small studios make for the perfect office space. Long-term solutions are available if you’re looking for a permanent place to set up your workspace.




Located in a beautiful heritage building on the city fringe, this industrial style venue with lush foliage is perfect for holding intimate and elegant events. Suitable for up to 100 people, this beautiful space will make your event one to remember.

Your space, your freedom

Our concept was born when our co-creators were searching for places to dance and found that there was nowhere that you could just book and show up. It always involved contacting someone, forms, waiting for responses, and usually by then the need was gone and it was next week already. We wanted an on demand studio hire facility, and so Evolve Studios was created.

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Casual Regular Exclusive Use
Studio 1 $45 $35 —–
Studio 2 $25 $20 —–
Studio 3 $20 Booked Out
Studio 4 $10 Part time Avail
Studio 5 Booked Out


How do I book?

Easy! Check out our book now steps here

How does the smart code work?
When you make a booking, our system will generate a code and send it straight to your email. This code is unique to you and your one-off booking. All casual booking codes will only work once. Regular hirers will get one code unique to them that will allow repeat entries. Head to the Carlyle Street entrance, enter your unique code on the pin pad on the front door and enter. Codes allow access in, there is no code required to leave the building.
What if my code isn’t working?
Call our emergency help line here.
What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is yourself and the items specific to your usage, whether it’s your laptop or your yoga mats. The studios are equipped with all the other basic amenities needed for your experience.

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